Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Our office utilizes some of the best modern dental technologies to provide the highest quality dental treatment.  Here’s a few examples of what we have available in our practice.

Digital X-rays:

Increased Patient Safety: Digital x-rays expose patients to 70% – 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays. This is hugely beneficial to the long-term health of patients, especially pregnant women, or patients who are already suffering from illness. At our office we tailor the frequency of the x-rays necessary to each patient to assure the lowest doses of radiation possible.

Immediate Results: With digital x-rays there are no processing times, meaning that the results are immediately available for viewing. This allows us to see the findings on the x-rays quickly and be able to show our patients and educate them about what may be happening in their mouth.

Higher Quality Images: The superior imaging capabilities of digital x-rays makes diagnosis quicker and easier for dentists, translating to earlier detection rates for patients.

Environmentally friendly: Digital x-rays are created and stored digitally, meaning less material waste.

Trios Digital Scanning:

One of the most important benefits of TRIOS® and intraoral scanners in general, is improving the patient experience. We have all been to the dentist and at one time or another and needed to take an impression. It’s not fun. For those people that are prone to gagging digital impression taking is a fantastic alternative that is much more comfortable.

When compared to the traditional molding techniques that often cause high levels of discomfort in patients, the 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner offers a far more quick and convenient method of getting an accurate image of a patient’s teeth in order to create an impression. Instead of having a patient seated in a chair for fifteen minutes with messy, gooey impression material in their mouth, the 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral technology can scan teeth in a matter of seconds which helps save time and decrease patient discomfort.

Improved Dentist-Patient Communication

The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanners allow dentists to display a patient’s 3D-impression of their teeth on a screen almost immediately after the scan is complete. After seeing an up-close view of a digital impression, patients can grasp a better understanding of the condition of their teeth. The scanner also develops impressions in full color to aid the dialogue between the dentist and our patients, which in turn improves treatment.

Treatment Versatility

The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner is highly versatile and able to service a wide range of different dental treatments, such as:

  • Crowns and bridges
  • Implant planning and crowns
  • Occlusal guard impressions
  • Diagnostic models

Better Quality Impressions and Restorations

Restorations made from 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanners are not only completed faster, they are also delivered with a more accurate fit and require less adjustments. These scanners have the ability to measure the shapes of teeth for digital precision while also highlighting details with the incorporation of high-level HD pictures in the 3D model. In addition, the precision of 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanners reduces the need for remakes, so patients don’t have to worry about coming back to the dentist for a do-over.

Vatech i3D Green CBCT and Panoramic machine:

The Vatech i3D Green CBCT and Panoramic machine produces superior 3-D image quality, giving us a clear view of your particular dental issue, and allows us to make a fast and accurate diagnosis. This machine provides multiple views of a patient’s mouth and jaws. The Vatech i3D Green CBCT and panoramic machine offers patients an extremely lower x-ray dose than other imaging equipment, which reduces the amount of radiation the patient receives by up to 60 percent. Because of the lowest radiation level, patients ranging from children to the elderly are able to benefit from using this machine.

This machine is eco-friendly and made with safer materials than most machines, which in turn has less of an impact on the environment. It was designed with the patient’s comfort level in mind. From the open design that is handicapped accessible, to the fast image processing, our patients can spend minimal time in a given position, while still getting the highest quality images.

We have intra-oral cameras and monitor screens in each room.  The camera looks like a writing pen that, when moved around inside the mouth, allows us to see detailed, enlarged images of teeth surfaces, gum conditions, and other minute detail about tissues, cavities, etc. that cannot be seen by the naked eye. An intra-oral camera does not cause any pain or discomfort to the patient and has no side effects. It captures clear video and images of the corroded or tarnished fillings, hairline fractures, bleeding gums, plaque, and several other critical teeth problems in real-time, while the patient is comfortably seated in the dental chair.  These captured images can be arranged, enlarged, and stored for better diagnosis and future records.

The most important part of the intra-oral camera photos is our ability to communicate better with our patients about what is happening or changing within their mouths.  You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that’s exactly how we feel about our ability to capture photos within the mouth.  There is no better way to show and educate our patients about their oral health.