Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

As a person begins to age, their teeth will naturally yellow and stain. This is exasperated by the foods and drinks that you consume on a regular basis. Coffee, tea, dark carbonated beverages and smoking can all affect how the teeth look. Unfortunately, a stained and discolored smile can cause you to feel self-conscious about the way that you look. While many people resort to over-the-counter products for teeth whitening, these can often damage the teeth and gums as well as cause severe sensitivity issues. This is when professional tooth whitening is recommended to restore the beauty and brilliance of your smile.

Why choose Professional Whitening?

Professional whitening works to remove both deep set-in stains, as well as surface stains that cause discoloration and spotting. Whitening removes both spots and stains on the surface of the teeth as well as whiten the overall color of the enamel itself. This results in a more beautiful smile that is white, bright and healthy-looking. Unlike OTC products, professional whitening is done under the supervision and guidance of your dentist, ensuring that your teeth and gums are healthy throughout the process.

What is involved?

Professional whitening involves having custom made trays that are then filling with a whitening agent. You will be instructed on how long to wear the trays in order to achieve your desired results. Most dentists will recommend wearing the trays for several hours each day, typically at night, to quickly and efficiently whiten the enamel and remove set-in stains. It is important to follow all instructions in order to achieve the white smile that you want without prolonging treatment.

Maintaining your results

Even professional tooth whitening isn’t permanent. Most patients find that their results can last anywhere from several months to roughly three to four years. The amount of time your teeth stay white-looking depends on what you eat, drink and do on a regular basis. For example, a heavy smoker and coffee drinker will need to have their teeth whitened more often than someone who does not drink coffee or smoke. There are also other things that you can do to maintain your results, such as using a whitening toothpaste as directed by your dentist or using an electric toothbrush specific to removing stains. The dentist can advise you on products that you may want to give a try after having professional whitening done.