ClearCorrect Clear Aligners

ClearCorrect Clear Aligners

ClearCorrect is a relatively invisible alternative to traditional metal braces. Because of the clear aligners that are used, you can feel confident in receiving orthodontic treatment without all the metal wiring involved. Plus, ClearCorrect works quickly and effectively to properly align the teeth for a seamless and beautiful smile.

What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is an alternative to metal braces that makes use of clear plastic aligners that are worn by the patient for at least 22 hours each day. The aligners cause pressure on the teeth needing to be moved, gradually working to get these teeth into a more aligned position. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and virtually invisible to the naked eye. They can also be removed for easy cleaning and eating throughout the day, which is not possible with traditional braces.

What to expect with ClearCorrect

The ClearCorrect procedure is quick, easy and affordable for just about any patient. You will have photos, x-rays and impressions made to ensure that the ClearCorrect aligners are created properly. The dentist will monitor your progress every few weeks and will take additional impressions so that more ClearCorrect aligners can be made for you throughout the course of treatment. It is important that you wear these aligners for at least 22 hours a day so that treatment is not delayed or halted entirely. Depending on the severity of your misalignment issues, you may have to wear ClearCorrect for just a few months or a couple of years.

When to consider Orthodontic work with Clear Aligners

Orthodontic work using ClearCorrect is ideal for people who want to correct misalignment issues but are unable to wear or simply do not want the bulk of traditional braces. ClearCorrect was designed to be a better alternative to braces while still delivering high-quality results that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance. At Boulder Total Dentistry, we will be able to consult with you about our ClearCorrect options and whether you are a viable candidate for the treatment.