Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Dental professionals recommend that most children see the dentist for the first time when their baby teeth begin emerging in the mouth. However, it is quite common for most toddlers to have their first visit when they are roughly two years old. These dental visits are crucial for checking the health of your baby’s mouth and teeth while also teaching important hygiene practices that need to be followed in order to keep their smile looking its best. For their first few visits, you may be instructed to hold your child in your lap while they receive dental care. This gives them a secure feeling while also preventing them from squirming around in the chair.

Why Pediatric Dentistry is important

Pediatric dentistry is important in caring for and preventing problems concerning your child’s oral health and hygiene. During their appointment, a cleaning will be performed, and a fluoride treatment will be placed. This protects the teeth and helps to keep them clean until their next visit. The dentist may recommend sealants if your child is prone to cavities, since they work to prevent decay from forming in cavity-prone teeth. Next, a comprehensive examination will be done to check for any problems or issues that may need to be addressed at their next appointment. The dentist will also discuss any issues with bite that could be the result of thumb sucking and using a pacifier.

How often should children go to the dentist?

Children should go to the dentist every six months after their first appointment. By getting them into a solid oral health routine, they will be more likely to care for their teeth and continue going to the dentist well into adulthood. Dental checkups are also crucial for preventing smaller problems from getting worse and needing more extensive work. The dentist and hygienist can recommend brushing and flossing techniques specific to your child so that they have better checkups every six months.

When they have a gorgeous, clean and healthy smile, children are more likely to show off their smile and feel confident about the way that they look. Kids can continue going to the pediatric dentist until they are in their late teens, since many pediatric professionals also do orthodontics or are able to refer children out to have orthodontic work done at their own convenience.

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