Why Is It Necessary To Take Care Of Baby Teeth

They are not permanent teeth, but we must take care of them as such. Baby teeth are an important part of a child’s physical development and, therefore, parents should be aware of the need to keep them in good condition until the appearance of definitive dentures. Your child pediatric dentist will advise you and your children how to care for the baby teeth.


If we know the function of baby teeth, we will understand why they are so important for a child and, therefore, the need for proper maintenance.  Baby teeth are an indispensable element of speech development. They help the little ones discover how to vocalize and articulate the sounds properly, which guarantees their correct language learning.

They are also essential for children to chew food properly. In addition to creating an indispensable habit for their long-term health, it also ensures that you get the maximum nutrition from their everyday meals. They are the best prevention for possible future oral problems. Children’s teeth, if they have cavities, implies a greater possibility of having this pathology when they grow up, as well as the loss of teeth that can cause space problems in the eruption of the final teeth. They help in the creation of healthy habits, which will be essential for the establishment of a daily routine of proper hygiene for life.


The care of baby teeth begins even before the eruption of the first tooth. If you pass a gauze moistened by their gums after each intake you will be favoring the proper development of baby teeth when the time comes. From the moment the child has his first teeth, it is time to consult with the pediatric dentist to guide you about the steps to follow when brushing the teeth with toothpaste. At first you will have to teach them how to brush and then supervise them as they grow older.

The care of the diet is another indispensable point to keep in check. An excess of sugar affects the teeth and the gums and should be minimized from a very young age. Opting for fruits and vegetables will help your children’s physical, mental as well as their dental health. Finally, it is essential that you establish a review schedule with the pediatric dentist. As a specialist, the dentist will help you maintain their teeth properly, as well as review their dental development to ensure that they are following the proper guidelines.